Composition of the County Board of Election Commissioners:

  • Two members elected by the county committee of the majority party
  • One member elected by the county committee of the minority party
Responsibilities include:
  • Redistricting the Justice of the Peace Districts every ten years using the new census data
  • Altering the boundaries of existing election precincts
  • Establishing new election precincts
  • Establishing polling sites for Early Voting and Election Day
  • Selecting and appointing election officials
  • Providing public notice of the time and polling sites for holding elections
  • Providing public notice of the candidates and offices to be elected
  • Providing absentee ballots to the County Clerk’s Office to be mailed to the voters
  • Early Voting Location and Election Day Polling Location Supplies
  • Training Poll Workers
  • Completing a canvass of the returns of any election
  • Certifying the results of elections
  • Providing a recount of the returns upon the petition of a candidate