Poll Worker Payroll Information


Submitting Payroll

The Election Commission CANNOT submit payroll to the payroll department without the following documents:

  • Signed Payroll Sheet

  • Signed Oath of Poll Workers on the Election Protocol Form (Form #9) from Election Day

  • Copy of Social Security Card (unless any changes have been made, you will only submit this to our office once)

  • W-4 Form (unless any changes have been made, you will only submit this to our office once)


Important Information Regarding Payroll

  • First-time Workers MUST complete a W-4 form and submit a copy of their social security card

  • Address Changes MUST complete a new W-4 form

  • Name Changes MUST complete a new W-4 form and submit a copy of the new social security card

  • ALL required documents listed above are required to process a Poll Worker’s check

  • Checks are mailed out two to three weeks after the election, unless there are extenuating circumstances

  • Payroll checks are submitted to our payroll department all at once, if more documentation is required, your check can be delayed up to three more weeks

  • Election Pages appointed under Acts 242 and 1153 of 2003 are not paid, but given school credit for participation (under 18 and not registered voter)


Tax Liability

  • Poll Workers may earn up to $1,200 per year without having FICA withheld (federal taxes are not withheld from election workers)

  • If you receive a W-2 in January, the IRS has been notified of your income

  • Check with your accountant for tax law changes


Rate of Pay for Election Officials

Main Location Early Voting

  • EV Chief Judge $105.00 per day

  • EV Poll Worker $ 90.00 per day

Off-Site Locations

  • EV Chief Judge $ 90.00 per day

  • EV Poll Worker $ 75.00 Per day

Election Day

  • Chief Judge            $150.00 per day
  • Assistant Judge      $135.00 per day
  • Equipment Clerk     $135.00 per day
  • Poll Worker             $120.00 per day



  • Chief Judge $ 90.00 per day

  • Poll Worker $ 75.00 per day


For more information on becoming a poll worker, please call the Pulaski County Election Commission at 340-8383

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