Election Day Poll Worker Information

Poll Workers report to their assigned polling location as early as 6:30 a.m. and work until all closing procedures are followed after the polls close, which can be as late as 9:00 p.m. Thank you so much for your interest in working at the polls, please review the following information.

Poll Worker Qualifications

  • Must complete a Poll Worker Application, a W-4 Form, and submit a copy of their social security card in order to be paid
  • Must be qualified electors of this stateMust be residents of the precincts in which they serve at the time of their appointment unless the county board determines unanimously that it is impossible to obtain qualified Poll Workers from the precincts, in which case they may be qualified county residents
  • Must not have been found guilty or pled guilty or nolo contendere to the violation of any election law of this stateMust not be paid employees of any political party
  • Must not be paid employees of any person running for officeMust not be a candidate for any office to be filled at an election at which they shall serve
  • Must not be married to or related within the second degree of consanguinity to any candidate running for office in the current election

 Selection of Poll Workers

Each member of the Commission is entitled to make Poll Worker appointments based on several factors:

  • Experience
  • Availability
  • Willingness to Serve
  • Training Attendance
  • Party Affiliation

Poll Worker Training

  • Poll Workers are Required to attend, unless otherwise instructed
  • Notification of training will be sent with your letter of appointment
  • Poll Workers will be compensated for the Preferential Primary/Nonpartisan Judicial Election Training, ONLY if they attend the training AND work at the Election (State law requires the State Board of Election Commissioners to fund the training)

Job Responsibilities of Poll Workers

Each polling location is assigned a minimum of four workers. The Pulaski County Board of Election Commissioners (PCEC) appoints Poll Workers in an effort to have representation of both parties in accordance with state law. All workers are Poll Workers, but separate duties are assigned by the Chief Judge to facilitate the process. The “titles” assigned to workers allow for the designation of specific duties.

Chief Judge

  • Attends Training and extra pre-election instructional meetings if offered
  • Picks up Election Day materials on the date and time designated
  • Inspects the Polling Location before Election Day for possible problems and contacts the Election Commission Office if any problems exist so they can be resolved before Election Day
  • Sets up the polling site on the MONDAY before Election Day (if possible)Makes arrangements to either pick up the key or verifies the polling site will be opened by 6:30 a.m. election morning
  • Assigns duties to the other Poll Workers
  • Administers the oath of office to all other Poll Workers and witnesses the signatures of all Poll Workers on the oath form
  • Makes sure workers are trained and know their jobsResolves voter problems
  • Handles provisional ballotsAnnounces that the polls are closed at 7:30 p.m. and locks the door (All voters in line at 7:30 p.m. will be able to vote)Directs the securing of all materials so no further voting will occur after 7:30 p.m. (for voters who are not in line at 7:30 p.m.)Responsible for all necessary forms being completed
  • Transports Election Materials to the designated headquarters on election night

Equipment Clerk

  • Attends Training
  • Reviews procedures on the M100 Scanner Cheat Sheet (Form #1) and the iVotronic Cheat Sheet (Form #2) prior to Election Day
  • Responsible for equipment operation and troubleshootingOpens and closes voting devices and follows all procedures
  • Observes the flow of voters in the ballot marking areaOperates the voting devices during voting
  • Notifies the Chief Judge of voting machine malfunctionsDetermines the cause of ballot rejection by looking at the information displayed on the device
  • Directs the voter back to the ballot clerk if the ballot is to be spoiled
  • Activates the iVotronic Touch Screen with the PEB and ensures voters complete their vote by pressing the VOTE button before leaving the booth

Voter ID Clerk

  • Attends Training 
  • Reviews procedures in manual prior to Election Day
  • Sets up ID Table (Chief Judge may do this prior to Election Day)
  • Knows where all necessary forms are before polls open
  • Authorizes Voters
  • Writes the Ballot Style number on the Voter Authorization Slip
  • Initiates Problem Resolution Forms (Form #10)

Ballot Clerk

  • Attends Training
  • Reviews procedures in manual to be prepared on Election DaySets up Ballot Table (Chief Judge may do this prior to Election Day)
  • Knows where all necessary materials are before polls open
  • Prepares the Ballot Accounting Information on the Election Protocol (Form #9) with the Chief Judge’s supervision
  • Hands out the Ballot Style number designated on the Voter Authorization Slip to the voter
  • Maintains the stub boxMaintains the List of Voters (Form # 7)

Election Guard

  • Assists Chief Judge
  • Attends Training for either Equipment Clerk, Ballot ID Clerk, or Voter ID Clerk (Chief Judge will notify)
  • Greets and directs voters as they enter the polling facility
  • Prevents Electioneering
  • Observes the outside and inside of the polling place during election hours to make sure the area is free of electioneering, petition circulation, fund raising, and any other disruptive activities within 100 feet of the primary exterior voter entrance(s) to the building
  • Does not allow anyone to remove a ballot from the polling site (including spoiled ballots)
  • Expels anyone disrupting the voting process
  • Assists the Chief Judge in delivery of election night materials to Area Headquarters, if needed
  • Fills in for the workers if needed
  • Additional duties may be performed as directed by the Chief Judge

Area Manager

  • Attends Training
  • Arranges pick up of the Election Day Materials with the Chief Judges
  • Delivers Election Day Materials to designated place the weekend before the election
  • Provides basic assistance on the voting devices Election Day
  • Visits polling locations at least once during Election Day (more often if necessary)
  • Delivers supplies on Election Day to polling locations as needed
  • Remains in their designated area and “on call” for the entire day
  • Transports payroll sheets to each polling location for signatures of the Poll Workers
  • Reports to the Election Commission any situations of which Poll Workers need to be made aware
  • Checks-in materials at Area Headquarters election night
  • Transports election materials from headquarters to the Election Commission Office election night

Tab Worker

  • Assists the Area Manager at Area Headquarters
  • Assists Chief Judges in collecting and checking-in election materials
  • Assists in transporting materials from Area Headquarters to the Election Commission Office election night


For more information on becoming a poll worker, please call the Pulaski County Election Commission at 340-8383


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